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What area do we cover?

We are based in Olney, we can cover surrounding villages including Emberton, Tyringham, Filgrave, Sherington, Chicheley, North Crawley, Lavendon, Harrold, Turvey, Carlton etc. 

We have recently extended the reach so are covering more in Newport Pagnell and MK north, such as Willen, Blakelands, Giffard Park and Tongwell.

Olney is our main Service area

Silver Smiles Team members are mostly based in Olney and surrounding villages such as Lavendon, so have a good knowledge of the area and are keen to support those local to them.

Do we travel to other Locations?

Yes. We are able to support people outside of Olney as well, as we do travel. Depending on location there may be a small travelling cost but being where we are on the 3 counties border we are quite versatile, so could still see you in Newport Pagnell, Sherington, Emberton, Ravenstone, Stoke Goldington, Lavendon, Turvey, Harrold, Carlton, Sharnbrook, and more. This is not an exhaustive list so please get in touch if you would like to discuss coming to you or a loved one.

Is Chaperone included in the cost?

The chaperone service is separate to the support visits. Our Chaperone will be able to collect you from your address, accompany you to your appointment and return you back to your address all in one visit, the cost of this is calculated differently and depends on where you are going which is why its separate.

We are covering more of the villages

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