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Patient and Nurse

Our Story

Silver Smiles was founded in 2017 and became known to Charlotte in 2019, she saw the good it was doing and the benefit to the clients , so when the previous director reluctantly stated her intentions of closing the company, Charlotte quickly started discussions to take over Silver Smiles to ensure the continuation of such a vital service, in early 2020 the company was handed over, during the first lock down, where 99% of the clients had gone into isolation. This meant Charlotte could reset, restart and grow the team and client base up again.

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Director's About Me

"The needs of people are changing and we want to accommodate and assist as best we can!"

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Charlotte Baron, Director and Owner of Silver Smiles has years of experience in varying degrees of business and people management, she has a Level 3 Diploma in health care. She has also completed MHFA champion (Mental Health First Aid) and certificates in understanding children and young people's mental health as she believes that mental health should be managed and protected as best we can from the young to the older generations. 
After seeing a lot of family, friends and other people within working settings struggle with day to day tasks as they grew older, then saw the impact it has, Charlotte developed a strong desire to help and support the people struggling and their families in all aspects of life whilst maintaining independence and good relationships with those around them. 
“ I strongly believe in supporting people, families and others in a way that suits them, is flexible, affordable and betters their quality of life and their relationships with friends and family. I also feel there is a need and want to relieve some of the pressures on other services like home care agencies, care homes, GPs, social services, mental health services and more. As the years go on more and more people are living longer and needs and desires are different for everyone. The way of life has changed, not just for the older generation but their family too and we should be supporting people’s mental health now more than ever, COVID has caused a lot of problems and worries for people, but it has also shown how isolation and loneliness can affect a person. It has shown how vital it is to be cared for and cared about, be kind, maintain relationships and encourage independence.”

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