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Client Testimonials 

I cannot recommend Silver Smiles highly enough. Over the 2 years that we used the service (until care needs became too great to stay at home), the support offered was second to none. The support-givers were professional, trustworthy, flexible and caring but in a way that felt like family. I knew that they always had my elderly friend’s total wellbeing at heart – which was always a huge comfort to me. They helped in so many different ways, from dealing with practicalities such as getting going in the morning, loading the washing machine or heating meals up, to offering company, a chat or mental stimulation through an afternoon’s puzzling, wordsearches or a drive out in the countryside. They were wonderful!

Bev Gugic

Wish we’d found Silver Smiles sooner. We felt safer in the knowledge of their professionalism and care of our loved one. Completely trustworthy, great value for money and glad to have supported a local, small business.

Jane Bland

I am so happy that when a Silver Smiles leaflet dropped through my door that I had the sense to keep it as so often I bin these things.
Gradually needing more help with cleaning and transporting to hospital for appointments,i telephoned and had a visit come consultation with Charlotte.
As far as these things are concerned, the worry has been taken from my shoulders, Prompt and efficient cleaning . I can rely totalling on being picked up well in time, accompanied to the clinic where the driver will stay with me and absolutely no worry about being brought home safely, a fabulous  service , each and every time.
Thank you all so much.

Maureen White

We can’t recommend Silver Smiles highly enough. Charlotte and her kind, caring team have built a lovely rapport with my mother.
Their flexible way of working has meant that they have been able to meet my mum’s needs and adapt this support when necessary. This  has taken a weight of our shoulders and Charlotte has been a tremendous support in helping us find the right level of support for us as a family.  The team are always reliable and communicate with us fully.
Silver Smiles have enabled us to be confident that she is safe and happy even when we can’t be there.

Colin Stickland

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