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A Friendly Local Face to help with day to day tasks... or just be a friend.

We're not carers but we do care!

Whether you need assistance due to a disability, require a friendly face to help out around your home, or someone to help out and about, Silver Smiles is here to provide the people of Olney and surrounding villages with support when they need it.

About Us

Silver Smiles LTD is a domestic assistance and visiting service, operating in Olney and surrounding areas. Our aim is to provide a friendly, local face, as often as is needed to any adult who feels like they need a little help in their own home.
There are many people living in our communities that don’t really need formal care, they could do with just a regular helping hand and friendly face, someone to talk to about worries or concerns, to assist them around the house or with making meals, even going for a walk with an escort and reassurance.
There are people who want to make sure their family member is ok, has eaten, drunk and taken their medications but struggles to fit everything into busy schedules and this is why we aim to bridge the “gap”.  To offer peace of mind, reassurance, support and relieve pressures on other services. We don’t just need to support the older generation, but also younger people who are struggling too.

Playing Chess

Wish we’d found Silver Smiles sooner. We felt safer in the knowledge of their professionalism and care of our loved one. Completely trustworthy, great value for money and glad to have supported a local, small business.

Jane Bland

We are covering more of the villages

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